Customers' testimonials

  • Nevin Apaydan, 04/03/2011
    To feel at home thousands of miles away from home is a great pleasure. The coziness of home, combined with 5-star comfort - this is Vega hotel. Goodbye 52nd March Music Days 2012...
  • Mariana and Kalin
    Thank you for your hospitality, the perfect attitude and accommodation, for the comfort and the convenience in the heart of beautiful Ruse, but mostly for the cordial reception, that can’t be measured by stars.
  • Meglena Plugchieva, 18/04/2011
    The hotel is a jewel in the heart of the beautiful European city of Ruse. I wish you very much many pleased and happy guests.
  • Anonymous, 08/05/2011
    I found a great umbrella in the closet. Why can not I buy it? The service is outstanding. Breakfast was wonderful.
  • Kali
    Great hotel, well done! The covers are amazing, I could not get out of bed!
  • Bonnie, 5/15/2011
    I am out of words ... I'm fascinated! Incredible hotel service. I love every single detail of H otel Vega...
  • Veneta, 15/05/2011
    My stay at your hotel was a real fairytale . Thank you.
  • Goji, 05/21/2011
    Vega Hotel and bar are super cool.
  • Anonymous
    I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel and by the staff and service. Everything is very good. I wish you many customers and acknowledgements.
  • Boris Soltariyski, 05/21/2011
    Hotel and bar Vega: thank you for being here.
  • Katsi Vaptsarov
    Very stylish hotel. Good luck!
  • Eugenia Marincheva, 18.11.2011
    Thank you! Again inspired in the economical room ... Maybe there - in this cozy nook was born my new short story or novel ...? The atmosphere and service are more than European! I wish the whole team happiness! And God bless you!
  • Tashko Tashev, 21.02.2012
    It was a great pleasure for me to be a guest in this lovely hotel. Both atmosphere and service were on a very high level! We will visit you again!
  • Elena Nedeva, 02.03.2012
    One of the best hotels I have ever stayed at -"Vega".
  • Nelly Pandilova
    Charming stay! The bed was wonderful, the people - smiling and all you might need is there
  • Ivan Ivanov and Biserka Vassileva
    Elegant, stylish, perfect conditions and service!
  • Veneta and Valentin Benatovi, 01.04.2012
    Delightful hotel - modern, comfortable, cozy. Perfect service.
  • Annie and Delyana, April 2012
    Unique - blankets, bed, the whole hotel is very cool. We felt at home. Thank you! See you next time!
  • Borislav Kiprov, 18.05.2012
    A real gem in the center of Ruse! Unique! Thank you!